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The crazy world of Web2.0 has introduced this amazing new on-line film clip making program that will blow your mind! It is so easy to use and every clip made is completely original – no two are ever the same!

Creating your own clip is as easy as logging onto, uploading your photos and either choosing a music clip from their extensive music library or uploading your own. The Animoto program then creates an amazing clip that will present your photos as never before….

Unfortunately, wont allow a post from Animoto, however, if you click here, you’ll see an amazing example of this Web2.0 tool.

Here’s how you add one of your clips to your web page (where ever it may be):

  1. Create your video
  2. Play video
  3. On the play video page, you will see a “Post Online” option. Choose this
  4. Select “Embed Code”
  5. Select “Autostart on your site”
  6. Hit “Next”
  7. Enter your email address
  8. “Next”
  9. Copy the code provided and post it onto your site. Some sites require you to add it the same way you add a youtube clip. You may need toplay around with it depending on your site. 

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