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Multimedia Education

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 © Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia, March 2003  

Usha V. Reddi and Sanjaya Mishra, Editors

“… knowledge of the software alone is not enough to prepare a good educational multimedia. In order to be useful to the learner, a multimedia programme design needs to have a sound pedagogical base. This handbook intends to help teachers in understanding the basic concepts and various issues involved in the development of educational multimedia.”


The above expert is from a handbook called “Educational Multimedia: A handbook for Teacher-Developers” put out by  The Commonwealth of Learning: Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia. The above site has the links to the individual chapters available for reading. This is interesting reading! Although it refers primarily to multimedia software, the same principles about the understanding needed to make the use of multimedia within the curriculum work can be applied to online tools (such as Facebook, Flickr, Delicious, WordPress etc) as well! Its an important aspect to consider when delving into the world of Education on-line! Follow the link to find out more.



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