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E-Learning with Web 2.0

The following blog refers to the article entitled:

“Webs second phase puts users in control” by Steve O’Hear.

URL Link:,,1801086,00.html

The article is awesome reading for anyone (especially Education students enrolled in ED2203 at Notre Dame Sydney) who wants to know more about the uses and benifits of diving into the world of Web 2.0 and its uses for what is know called E-Learning. To be honest,  I have been so sceptical about this whole thing but this article has definaetly made me think twice about the potential Web 2.0 can bring to the classroom and the idea of collaborative learning!


One Response to “E-Learning with Web 2.0”

  1. I suggest that you also read the Final Report for Social Networking published by the Australian Flexible Framework.

    The most powerful examples of Web 2.0 is the Horizon projects and Flat Classroom projects – where students in different times zones and cultures worked collaboratively together.


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