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Lecture 1 – WEB 2.0

THE WEB 1.0 and the NEW 2.0

WEB 1.0 is getting information from the web.

WEB 2.0 is constructing knowledge collaboratively on the web.

Putting the ‘We’ in Web” “…the Living Web.”                                                         

Newsweek, 04/03/2006

WEB 2.0 is essentially an increasing range of softare that supports a variety of technologies for open and collaborative communication, learning and creativity.

WEB 2.0 requires:
1. A Platform

2. Social Networking                                                                                                                     

3. Read/Write Web                                                                                                                      

4. Social Software                                                                                                                         

5. Gathering & Sorting


1. Andy Budd revolutionalised WEB 2.0

2. Scientists from Rand Corporation in the 1950’s had a computer 8ft high and 5ft wide…in 2004 it had been condensed to the size of a home computer.


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