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Lecture 2 – Networked Learning

ED2033 Networked Learning Lecture 2.

  1. Review of Lecture 1.
    1. Go to the Wiki

                        Review the overview of Web 2.0 provided. Copy to your own blog.

  1. Under all the software symbols in this Wiki you will find details about pbwiki and how to find it and use it. Copy this to your blog as well.

    1. You will be allocated to a group to create and work on a wiki together.

These will not be friendship groups rather random groups chosen by the lecturer.

    1. The Wiki will be gradually given more and more structure on which you are to build your understanding and knowledge of Web 2.0

    1. To begin with the following issues are to be explored by your team

i)                    Qualities of a good virtual team

ii)                   Team rules for working on our wiki

iii)                 How do we ensure deep learning occurs

iv)                 The effective use of multiple medias on the wiki


v)                  Review of the work of writers

a.       Marc Prensky

b.      George Siemens

c.       Diana Oblinger

d.      Dana Boyd


vi)                 Flickr

a. An analysis of how it works, why it is Web 2.0 and how it can be used collaboratively.

b. A comparison of Flickr with Photobucket will also provide further insights into the nature of Web 2.0

Hyperlinks, Video clips, podcasts and other multiple media is expected to slowly become present in your group wiki. We do not have a wiki on your own. It is meant for collaborative development of knowledge with others.

                                                            A.J. Coman



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